grooming guide for gordon setters

Gordon Setter beautiful coatCourtesy of

Yo if your a dog lover like me,when you think of Gordon Setters, you think of how awesome their coats are!

But how do they do it! How do these dog show pet owners keep their coats so wavy with no tangles!

This Grooming Guide for Gordon Setters will be packed with bite sized tips to get your Gordon looking showroom ready : )

Gordon Coat

So check it, after doing some research I found out that the standard for a well done Gordon Setter coat should be:

  1. soft,
  2. shining,
  3. straight or slightly waved without the curls,
  4. long hair on ears under stomach and on chest,  back of the fore and hind legs, and on the tail.

There is not a dog in the world who does not get the occasional “bad hair day” or “blowing his coat”. Keepinga Gordon Setter’s coat in that fine ass show room condition we love seeing is an ongoing project.

But, it doesn’t have to be an annoying task that gotta get done for your Setter.

Nah, don’t even trip!

Here are some general things you can do to preserve your Gordon’s coat without spending a fortune:

How To Make A Snood For Your Dog

  • Super simple pet snoods.

    Dogs wear these over there ears or their entire body( well almost ) so their ears don’t fall into their food bowl or water bowl.  As for their bodies it keeps it from getting ruffled and more.

    Make sure it is long enough to cover your Setter’s ears; and body if you choose to.

    To make it all you need is a:

    • sweater,
    • scissors,
    • and a sewing machine(Or if you’re feeling crafty, have a needle and thread on deck.)

To make it her here’s what you have to do according to my girl Ashlee:

  1. measure your dogs neck
  2. test fit the sleeve to make sure it fits around their face.
  3. Cut the sleeve of your sweater to be the length of your dog’s neck plus a couple of inches.
  4. Turn the sleeve piece inside out.
  5. Turn up the bottom of the sleeve where you cut it, turn it up about half an inch and sew it down to form the hem of the snood.
  6. And finally stitch the hem all the way around the bottom, back stitch at the ends, and then clip excess threads.

NEED DIY Five Minute Upcycled Pet Snood or Dickie IN FULL MY PEEPS? GO HERE

  • A Video To Crochet Dog Snood For Any Size Dog

Proper Foods

You gotta treat your dog to 5 star restaurant foods when it comes to a maintaining a good quality nutrition.

I ain’t saying you have to buy the most expensive stuff just do your general food intake but make sure that they are specific for your dog in staying healthy and living longer.

Follow this for choosing the right dog foods:

  • Dog food should be high in protein and have a balanced fat content, so double check it.
  • Hair is protein and requires internal protein for growth and fat for gloss, shine, and manageability.

One thing though fam, please do me a solid and steer away from:

  1. generic brands
  2. anything not labeled complete and balanced
  3. And most important in my eyes, anything marked specifically for maintenance.

Check it, what maintenance means is that it helps to keep your dog living longer. It focuses on their respiration, circulation, and digestion.

So if you want your Gordon Setter to be show room ready to go out to the park or where you go with your pup, you must follow these kinds of steps and make sure to feed him more than maintenance quality dog food! Because they help to maintain basic protection from the elements for your Setter’s coat.DD

perfect dog coat routine

Dr. Peter Ihrke,recommends

  • 1 Table Spoon daily of corn oil yo. The doc stated this is ( check your doc to be sure ) the only specific supplement necessary for coat condition.
  • Doc came from U. C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. And as head of dermatology at U. C. Vet Medicine School, he mentioned that as long as your dog eats quality food and receives his or her right amount of vitamins you don’t need to put up cash for expensive dietary pills to keep his or her coat on point!

Gordon Anatomy So You Can Sculpt Your Gordon Setter Right

One thing I hate when I’m walking down the street is a dog that doesn’t even have a good cut!

For me that ish is rare to see but I’ve seen it enough where it has become a bother.

Please remember to use this picture for reference or put up a poster of your own when you’re going to cut your Setter’s hair yo!

So in the spirit of (hopefully ) decreasing horrible cuts for pups.

Using this picture below as your guide since your dog  (probably ) won’t stay in place, will be key when it’s time for a little snip snip, stripping or thinning of your dog’s hair.

Helping you out ten times better than just relying on memory

Here’s the best photo representation I can find:

gordon setter anatomy

What Are The Costs For Getting A Professional Dog Groomer

Look at some of these random treatment prices I found just searching around for grooming a Gordon Setter!

I’m like wtf, this seems very cheap but I am thinking of all the mini treatments a dog would need. Especially if you are making sure you get a really good groom session in; the cost can run up to over a $100 just for that day.

Full Groom (Haircut etc..)includes everything listed under Bath plus the haircut.


Bath/Brush/Nails/Sanitary/Anal Glands/Pads shaved/Feet neatly trimmed (rounded)/ Ears cleaned/ Ear Hair Pulled/ Bows/ Bandana/ Perfume/Hugs & Pats included!

$45-50 depending on size and coat

Pet Hair Dyeing

Prices start at $20 and up, and pricing varies dependent on the dye job.

Nail Trimming

Nail Clipping only is $10 (additional fee may apply for extremely difficult dogs), and Nail Clipping and Grinding combined is $15.

Are There Specific Tools Cheaper To Use Than Going To A Dog Groomer?

Stick Brushes Average Cost: $2.99 -$20.00

average stick brush cost




Dog Clippers Average Cost: $3.40 -$270.00

 dog clippers price




Dog Nail Clippers Average Cost: $6.00 -$30.00

price of dog nail clippers





As you can see, having the tools to do it yourself may be cheaper and depending on how much you want done it may even be more expensive.

In any case in order to know you have to judge for yourself what you feel is right for your dog when it comes to grooming of course; you feel me?

You know what would be dope?

If you tell me what kind of grooming guide for gordon setters have you came up with over the years?



The Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

Finding the best brand of flea product to serve to your dog can be a long process.

You do not want to risk your dogs health at all.

So today we will just go through a few but very powerful flea products that are sure to give your dog the relief he or she deserves!!

best flea treatment for dogs

courtesy of labradortraininghq

The Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

Want to get rid of the fleas off of your dog quickly!!

You may want to consider an oral medication. My friend loves this but she doesn’t always have them on hand so she has alternatives that I will go over briefly.

But for now let’s focus on Bayer Advantus Soft Chews for quick relief (of fleas) for your dog.

These chewable treats looks and has the taste of a dog treat.  Which is a good sign for us humans, but what about for our dogs.

Well you won’t know about yours till you try it but for my friend’s pup it loved every bite!

It starts killing fleas in under an hour, and you don’t have to worry about contact with other pets or children after application. The downside is that it only kills adult fleas so if your dog has a bad case of infection it won’t prevent against future generations, so use it   frequently until your pet is flea-free.

If you would like to go a cheaper route you would definitely consider PetArmor Plus and Sentry Fiproguard Plus.

They use the same ingredients to kill all stages of fleas and ticks however be warned that their applicators do not com as well-packed as Frontline Plus.

I take care of my friend’s dog -Mr. cosmo -and he has a skin condition that caused his owner to purchase  the PetArmor Plus,  Sentry Fiproguard Plus and the frontline plus.

I was there for the days when she was going to apply each one for 1 month, and so on. When we opened the applicator, some of the medication leaked out which isn’t a safe indication because it held insecticides in the bottle.

With Frontline they must have had this situation in mind because they came with a snap-off applicator that did not cause any spills which we were happy about when we were ready to apply.


No other flea control for dogs comes in handy than the topical flea treatments because they are the most fast-acting and long-lasting products as I have noticed through scouring through review after review.

What is so special about Frontline Plus?

Well Frontline comes in a liquid form that not only kills both fleas and ticks in all life stages but they also shield man’s best friend ( your dog )  against re-infestation for a full 30 days.

For the this product to work effectively you need to apply it directly to the dog’s skin once a month for maximum protection.

So for your dog to be protected from fleas and ticks through the fleas and ticks life cycle, there are 2 active ingredients to consider:

fipronil and s-methoprene/

which work together to kill eggs and larvae of the fleas and ticks that attack your dog. The fipronil helps to kill fleas, ticks, and lice, and the methoprene stops fleas in their tracks from growing and reproducing.

You have to also make sure to add the medicine to a small area on the back of your dog’s neck which stops your dog from licking it off.

For added support to your dog, be sure tto monitor your pet and limit their contact with people and other animals for 24 hours; by then the product should have dissolved.


We never know for sure what our dog would need when it gets sick or has an infection. But one thins is for certain, we can find the best products with a little research and common sense about how our dog acts.

Best of luck to you and your search!!